Help and support for when life feels difficult

What is Psychotherapy and Counselling?


These terms refer to a process where you and I work together to develop an understanding of the difficulties you are currently experiencing. 


Depending on your situation and particular needs I can offer you a short course of counselling, or it may be that a longer, more therapeutic approach is required. 


Psychotherapy and counselling provide you with a confidential space where you can talk and be heard in a non-judgmental way that allows you to hear, understand and value yourself - perhaps for the first time. 


This process allows you to work at your own pace and will help you reach a better understanding of your difficulties and to decide on the best way forward for yourself.


There are several different types of psychotherapy and counselling and I am trained specifically in 'Gestalt therapy'.


What is Gestalt therapy?


Gestalt is a wonderfully relational and holistic form of therapy whereby every aspect of your life, and every experience that you have had, is considered relevant to how you currently feel and to what you are wanting to change.


Gestalt means 'patterns' or 'configurations'


Our early life experiences influence the way that we develop and the rules we learn about how best to deal with life.  These rules (or patterns) are largely outside of our awareness, but as we grow older they continue to influence how we live our life.  Ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that were necessary in the past no longer work for us and may cause us to be unhappy, dissatisfied or depressed.


How can psychotherapy or counselling help me? 


It may be that you are having difficulties because of a traumatic event such as illness, job or relationship loss or bereavement.  It can be really helpful to talk to someone who is trained to help you cope during these difficult times.


Or it may be that you find yourself coming up against the same kind of difficulties or situations again and again, such as anxiety, depression, relationship or work problems, difficulties with decision making, lack of joy or purpose in life or more generally feeling 'stuck'.


By exploring your current situation in the context of our relationship together, I will work with you to understand how you feel and how you experience your life.  Through respectful and supportive exploration of your concerns we will work together at uncovering those fixed patterns, exploring new choices which will enable you to live your life with greater flexibility and freedom.

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