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My interest in psychology began many years ago and inspired me to study for a psychology and health science degree.  In particular I studied the physical, neurological and emotional development of infants. This is an area which continues to be of massive interest and relevance to me today.


Gaining my degree left me wondering how I could apply what I had learned to real life and real relationships.  I found myself drawn to counselling training and spent the next three years training as a relationship counsellor with Relate.


After working and doing further training with Relate for a number of years, I once again turned to my interest in emotional development and working as a school counsellor with pupils aged 13 to 18.


Psychotherapy training was a natural progression for me.  I wanted to use my scientific knowledge in a way which would facilitate and support people to develop and grow in ways that would free them from the limitations of the past and enhance their experience of life.  Since completing my training I have worked in many different organisations, beginning my private practice in 2012. In addition, I volunteer as assistant supervisor on the current psychotherapy training course.


This is my commitment to you: I will use my knowledge, my training and my presence, to support you in your personal growth.


* I am a member of GPTI (Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute)and I work to their code of ethical        practice.


* I am a registered member of BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) 


* I am well supported by regular clinical supervision and ongoing training.


* I have full professional indemnity insurance

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